Installation of Traffic Screensaver and the MLGTraffic collections
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Traffic Screensaver installation

MLGTraffic installation program does no more install the Traffic Screensaver application. You have to do it first from ZoltÓn Szab˛'s Traffic Screensaver homepage.

Some direct links to install :

Purpose TÚlÚchargement
Online Traffic Screensaver installer. If you don't want ZoltÓn's international stock list collections, this is the best way to install (for this, uncheck all except program files). traffic_dnld.exe
Traffic Screensaver installation program including ZoltÓn's international stock list collections. The installation can be made offline. Caution, big file (hundreds of megabytes). traffic_full.exe 

Installation of MLGTraffic collections

When Traffic Screensaver is installed, you can download the MLGTraffic collections.

Click on the button to download the installation program.