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This homepage has a double purpose :

The drawings collections

The drawings collections include trains from different continental european countries, with a special (big) place for France, which is my counrtry. There is also a small collection for urban transports (mÚtros, tramways,...). They are drawn on a 1 pixel = 10 cm scale. The eras representated in the collections range from Era IIIb (1956 : 3rd class suppressed) to Era VI (nowadays).

The pages of MLGTraffic show all the drawings of the collections, with associated informations about the real trains they represent and about the Traffic functionnalities associated to the drawings. They are designed to be of interest fort people not wanting to use the screensaver.

All drawings are GIF files and can freely be downloaded, in ZIP archives or in Traffics "Rolling Stock" files.

Traffic Screensaver

"Traffic Screensaver" is a screensaver for Windows, showing scrolling trains (or other drawings) on the screen, created and maintained by hungarian ZoltÓn Szab˛. The trains can be viewed from the programs configuration window, or as Windows screensaver. Traffic provides ways to manage the drawings collection and to associate functionnalities to each drawing : opening doors, rotating wheels,... "Traffic Screensaver" is a free program an can be freely downloaded.

MLGTraffic drawings can be use in other programs as MM&MM Screensaver, but then with some manual adaptations (names, functionnalities).

They are integrated in Zoltan Szabo's big international collection (can be downloaded with the "Traffic_all" file), b ut new drawings appear there later than in MLGTraffic collections.

How are made the drawings ?

I don't try to totally respect scale and colour of the drawings. What I look for is more the general impression and a good integration with the other drawings. This explains for example why you can find differences up to 2 pixels in the lenghs of 26,40m coaches.

MLGTraffic life

There are 2 new releases of the collections each year, for spring / summer and autumn / winter, respectively on the last sunday of march and september.

MLGTraffic homepage and collections are published under a Creative Commons license. All commercial use of the drawings is prohibited. For other uses, go to the Creative Commons pages for more informations.